Physical exercise as a treatment for ADHD

the researchers have raised other therapists among which we can find the physical exercise that stimulates the prefrontal cortex and hormones such as dopamine or serotonin, which regulate attention and impulsivity, important in learning capacity, problem solving attitude and it works especially well for children with ADHD. There are numerous studies that demonstrate the benefits of physical exercise in learning and academic performance. After consulting an extensive bibliography and reporting on the different offers in the market and the needs of families of children with ADHD, we have detected a special concern in parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), because they are missing activities and services for their kids in which they can enjoy, improve and help their daily life such as behavior, executive functions, hyperkinesia and cognitive functions.

Furthermore, it has been shown in numerous studies that physical exercise can be an effective adjuvant for the treatment of children with ADHD. This method offers another instrument, furthermore the medication that children with ADHD usually have and allows us to compare the results with other previous publications

In order to develop this approach to ADHD, the KineCross program is born, whose main purpose is being able to improve, through physical exercise with a specific guideline, the behavior in children with ADHD and their executives functions, specifically inhibition and sustained attention. In addition, many studies have already shown that physical exercise can be an effective adjuvant for the treatment of ADHD. More info click here

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